Maysir (gambling and other games of chance)

Maysir (gambling and other games of chance):

Maysir is involved in contracts where the ownership of a good depends on the occurrence of a predetermined, uncertain event in the future. Maysir is regarded by most Islamic scholars as gambling or any games of chance (including lotteries, lotto, casino-type games and betting on the outcomes of animal races). Together, these share a desire for obtaining return through deliberate risk-taking. Both games of chance and gambling are banned by Sharia.

Evidence from the Holy Quran Para no.5 verse no.90 as follows:-

para 5 verse 90

para 5 verse 90 translation by Muhsin Khan

Further, “The Holy Quran says (chapter 2, verse 219);

para 2 verse 219

para 2 verse 219 translation by Muhsin Khan

Even though there is a general consensus among Muslims who believe in the tenets of Sharia and therefore do not question the reasons for forbidding the Maysir. High risk available in these types of transactions, some people win a large amount of money, but others suffer from a loss of their money, and sometimes face bankruptcy. This could lead to greater financial and societal problems. In addition, these games and gambling are unnecessary for society because they cannot add any surplus to societal wealth.


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